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    What is the role of Steam in Garry’s Mod?

    Think of Steam like the famous iTunes for PC Games. You can purchase games on it but you do not get a physical box, games are downloadedautomatically. They show on Steam games list. Steam is basically operated by Valve. Valve has been making games for computer since more than a decade. The benefit with Steam is that license you’re entitled to when you purchase a game is stored by Steam. If the computer of yours stops working and you purchase another one, you will not lose license, meaning you can download game and begin playing again! You can also start playing it after downloading it from http://playgmodfree.com/. You’re able to buy G-Mod with following methods: MasterCard, Visa, Discover, American Express, PayPal, JCB, Click and Buy.


    • Is it secure to do the shopping with help of Steam Store?

    Yes. The whole trade process is carried by a secure connection; quoted from the Steam Store: "When you are going to submit the payment information, data is then protected through technology known as SSL or Secure Socket Layer certified through a digital certificate."

    • Where do you purchase Garry’s Mod?

    Your child must be able to show you how to purchase through Steam. If not - you have to get their username and go to http://playgmodfree.com/. Click Add to cart. When you choose pay you must be able to purchase it as a gift. Put your username of your kid as recipient. It’ll send them an email and game will be readily available for them to download and install on Steam. Garry's Mod is actually a Mod game. A Mod is a type of game which modifies another game. As it modifies numerous games - it require that game to exist. If you do not already have one of such games then your best bet is to purchase one of many package deals (Team Fortress 2and G-Mod).

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